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Regencyholidays Group Booking

Traveling in a group is always fun but the planning process can be a hassle. With Regencyholidays Group Bookings, you can rest assured of a seamless experience. Whether you and your group (10 or more passengers) are traveling for leisure, a business conference or any other occasion, our dedicated group booking team will make sure you are assisted at every step of the way. Travel hassle-free with Regencyholidays Group Booking.

Simply fill in the Group Travel Request form and one of our agents will contact you as soon as possible and assist you with your travel needs.

Regencyholidays Group Booking Benefits

  • Take advantage of special group fares and offers
  • Secure your groups reservation with a deposit and arrange to pay the balance up to 7 days prior to departure.
  • Reserve seats even if you do not immediately have the names of all travellers.
  • Advance purchase of extra baggage allowance, subject to applicable rates
  • Dedicated group check-in counters upon request
  • Stopover packages, group tours and visa arrangements can be made on request
  • Group seating on board our aircraft when available

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